Who’s ready for a bikini board meeting?

Who’s ready for a bikini board meeting? It’s a meeting of the minds but, out on the water! Just Bones Boardwear™ is always first on the agenda. The bikinis are made for an active lifestyle no matter what type of board you’re using. That makes me feel comfortable to wear my Just Bones Boardwear™ while wakeboarding, wake surfing or out catching waves on a surfboard. I really like the high neck style and great fitting bottoms. I can focus on what I’m doing on my board and not worry about adjusting my bathing suit. It’s my go-to bathing suit for when I’m ready to have some fun on the water. I have some really cute styles of bikinis by Just Bones Boardwear™ that everyone compliments and that helps with my confidence, too. As a lifetime Floridian and Bikini blogger, I have grown to trust a brand like Just Bones Boardwear™ and want to share it with others living life on a board. Be sure to get yours today and let’s have some fun out there. Meeting adjourned!

Paige @foxyandpaige
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