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Ryan Pierson
Ventura, CA 
Birthday: September 16th
IG @Ryan_pierson_


What is your advice to younger surfers?
Find your own style.
What type of board do you use?
Right now my go to has been my 5’9 25.7L Channel Islands Flex-bar Fred Rubble.
What is your favorite destination beach and why?
Miramar, Nicaragua. Not only is the wave a perfect left point, but the locals and town is very accommodating towards outsiders and they make sure you have a good time in and out of the water.
How did you start surfing?
One day I decided to try and stand up on a boogey board when I was a little boy at my house in Ventura.

Why do you love surfing?
Surfing is where I can let go of all the things causing stress in my life, allowing me to find peace of mind.
What’s your favorite memory of surfing?
Surfing perfect right handers in El Salvador with a crew of friends and locals.
What is your surfing philosophy?
Any session is a good session.
What is your favorite local beach and why?
Pitas Point. It is the wave that shaped me as a surfer and as a person.
What is your life motto?
Live with no expectations.