Michael Nilsen
Laguna Hills, CA
Birthday: May 15th
IG @michaelnilsen_

Life Motto: “Life is short so go outside and enjoy the beautiful world in front of us!”

Favorite JBB Boardies: Bermuda Print Boardies
The bright colors really stand out!


Surfing, Basketball

Other sponsorships/Ambassadorships:
Accurate Waterman

Describe yourself in three words:
Kind, Adventurous, Funny

What is your favorite memory?
Doing my first air at Barb-Wires a few years ago.

What is your favorite part about the Just Bones BoardwearTM lifestyle?
The boardshorts are amazing and have great stretch, Just Bones Boardwear TM is all about helping their Ambassadors improve their surfing and their dreams.

What’s your favorite Just Bones BoardwearTM swimsuit?
The Bermuda because of the bright colors that really stand out.

What active water sports are you involved in?
Wakeboarding, Boogie Boarding, Body Surfing and Paddle Boarding anything in the water!

Why do you believe it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle?
It gives you a positive attitude and you wake up every morning what to do next.

How has Just Bones BoardwearTM influenced your performance?
They give me the determination to achieve my goals in surfing.

What is your advice for someone pursuing an active lifestyle?
Find an activity that you like and find your passion for it. Eventually, it will become and everyday lifestyle when you want to do that activity.

What other hobbies do you have in your spare time?
Basketball, Wakeboarding and Skateboarding with friend.

What is your favorite local beach and why?
The San Clemente Pier because not many people are there and it’s a perfect, quiet place where it’s just me and the ocean.

What is your favorite destination beach and why?
I love Poipu Outer reef in Kauai and Banyans in Kona, Hawaii because I made good friends there that I look forward to visit in the future.
Where would you go on your dream beach vacation?
Indonesia or Fiji

What are your top three beach day essentials?
Sunscreen, a Surfboard, and a GoPro

What is your favorite beach day activity?
Of course surfing!

How did you start surfing?
I randomly wanted to try it one day at Doheny State beach and I remembered getting pummeled a lot before I love it.

Why do you love surfing?
The feeling of riding a wave is something I can’t get anywhere else in my life.

What is your favorite memory of surfing?
The day I did my first air at Barb-Wires about a year ago.

What is your surfing philosophy?
Only catch the good waves and wait your turn.

Where is your favorite break and why?
Barb-Wires because it can be a sick left breaking to Cottons or a peeling right to Uppers, and there are not many crowds.

What type of board do you use?
Jed Noll 5”5” X 18” x 2.18”; Lost V2 shortboard domesticated 5’5” x 18” x 2.20”

What are your favorite tricks?
Big carves in the pocket, foam climbs, and frontside tail slides.

What was your favorite competition and why?
SSS Oceanside Harbor and SSS Church because waves are usually good at the time the contest is on and I get good returns in them.

What is your advice to younger surfers?
Surf because you love it and as much as you can to get better.

Who is your favorite surfer?
John John Florence


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